Taste: Creating plots fast

Taste is a Python package wrapping Matplotlib APIs into a set of common most used plots across multiple various applications or reporting tools via clean and intuitive classes adhering to the Zen of Python.

It tries to completely isolate itself from the global Matplotlib context which can be hard to understand for a complete newbie and causes too much unnecessary struggle. Taste uses Anti-Grain Geometry (Agg) backend to draw the images in the background and doesn’t polute your output with unnecessary stringified Python object representations or rendered plots which were not yet supposed to appear.

Although it doesn’t explicitly forbid Python 3.6 due to compatibility with some older Jupyter notebooks, it aspires to run on higher versions (3.7+). Updating is recommended.

It is easy and intuitive to use:

from taste import BarPlot

# create a plot with desired properties
plot = BarPlot(
    caption="Plot caption",
    title="Figure title",
    bars=[0, 1, 2, 3, 4],
    values=[9, 9, 5, 8, 2],
    bar_label="Here I can label the bars",
    value_label="And here I label the values",
    bar_axis_labels=["Tom", "Dick", "Harry", "Slim", "Jim"],
    value_axis_labels=["L0", "L1", "L2", "L3", "L4"]

# explicitly ask to draw the plot in Jupyter notebook
plot.figure  # MPL figure object

Quick Installation

Taste is available on PyPI:

$ pip install taste

# or on platforms with pip3 alias
$ pip3 install taste


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